Land Surveying

UAV's provide higher-resolution, higher-accuracy data

Aerial maps can be used to extract highly accurate measurements

Aerial Surveying

High-resolution orthomosaics and detailed 3D models

Features extraction for images

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Urban Planning

High-accuracy planning maps, even in complex and dense environments

Digital model of urban planning with aerial models

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Land Management

Provide the foundation for detailed models of site topography

High-resolution ortho-photos with accurate distance and surface measurements

The generated data can also be transferred to any CAD or BIM software

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Volumetric Measurement

Aerial surveyors can capture more topographic data points, hence more accurate volume measurements

Safer and more efficient than traditional manual methods of measurements

Operations non interrupted. The short acquisition time enables capturing a site snapshot at a specific point in time

Slope Monitoring

With orthomosaics taken at different times, it is possible to detect changes in earth movement and to measure its velocity

This data can help predict landslides and prevent potential damage to roads, railways, and bridges

Drones enable more comprehensive data collection

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