Wind Turbine


Automated Flights

Repeatable Inspections of the wind turbine without safety risks to personnel

Continuous Operations

Safer and faster to detect multiple defects on the blade can be detected without shutting down operations

Quantitative Data

Aerial Inspections results are quantitative and digitized, facilitating analysis and record-keeping

Solar Photovoltaic

System Inspection

Solar Farm Assessment

Confirm the dimensions of the solar farm before prepare an effective plan.

Flight Planning

Flight plans are created based on the information collected during the assessment phase.

Data Processing

All data is processed and an RGB Orthomosaic map is produced which is combined with the thermal imaging map


Asset Integrity Management

Improving efficiency and eliminating risk by providing frequent cycles of monitoring and inspection on the condition of the power grid

Automated Inspection

Precise inspection obtained by automated drone data collection preventing defects

Thermal Inspection

Temperature readings, enabling an aerial thermal image to identify anomalies and prevent malfunctions in a safer and more efficient way

Vegetation Management

High definition and accurate 2d & 3d models of power lines and vegetation. Supporting to maintain a safe distance

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