CLIMATE CHANGE adds an additional layer of complexity and is expected to impact the agriculture industry. Fluctuations in climate conditions makes protecting the security of the supply chain more difficult


The effects of climate change could result in LOOSES to agriculture of up to 16 % by 2050 across Europe

Orthomosaic Maps

An intuitive representation of your fields that helps you scout and identify issues faster. Specify the desired Ground Sample distance (GSD) for a more detailed output

Vegetation Index

Allows farmers to monitor crops as they grow so that any problems that might arise along the process can be dealt to protect the plants. Monitoring crops, increasing crop production, breeding and more

Zonation Maps

Custom zones with information from vegetation index maps and other collected - data. A high definition map of selected annotations and specific data that provides specific metrics for specific analysis

Prescription Maps

Assign application rates to use in Variable Rate Application Maps for a more targeted use of inputs


Common annotations include Climate Change's impact over a period of time in a specific zone or crop

Field Boundaries

Geometric field boundaries are the foundation of digital farming. Our service provides accurate field boundaries in an optimized format. For large-scale producers and agri-businesses, field boundaries can support management decisions, both on-farm and in the supply chain.

Digital Surface Model (DSM)

Knowledge of relevant terrain information—soil type, soil wetness, drainage, and topographic variations within farm fields (slope, aspect, and curvature)—can improve crop yields. Awareness of these characteristics gives farms the opportunity to devise site-specific methods.

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