DIWÖ's mission is to accelerate the transition to safe autonomous robotics & AI.

Diwö was founded in 2020 by Adiac Aguilar, who wanted to develop robotic technology which is able to respond to the real-world environment with minimal human intervention. Aerial imagery provides a detailed and high-resolution view from above revealing otherwise unseen features. Collecting vital information and valuable data from the sensors also helps our Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) perceive the environment around it. Aerial Imagery provides us with virtual snapshots in time, giving us historical perspectives on how landscapes used to be, how they look today, and how they will look in the future.

It makes sense to combined automation technologies and manufacturing, Diwö also has a manufacturing process design with a unique integration of top-end industrial robots in the production line. Diwö proposed blockchain-based technologies to track & select the best sustainable-based materials providers, including Lithium batteries.

This is the beginning only, Diwö is designing its first commercial EVTOL that redefines the way we commute and move around. Autonomous Aircrafts powered with renewable energy are what we want for the future of human exploration.

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